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‘A brush in my head’

Oil and multi-medium paintings by Scottish artist  Lago

THE BEGINNING ....... 60 years ago after spending 2 happy weeks painting a landscape for my final art exam at school my art teacher, a very good one, looked at my work and after some time said, ''Michael what on earth is this, the people are just blobs in the distance, it isn't real, it has no fine detail, not at all what I expected from you, I am very disappointed’’.

His remark has stayed with me ever since and some years later after continuing to paint animals, flowers, landscapes etc. selling them to friends and associates, I came to appreciate one artist in particular, Lowry and his famous 'matchstick men'.

I often wondered what my teacher would have said to him, blobs, matchsticks? That sentence helped me understand that all great artists are 'one-offs'

Originally I only painted topical subjects using oils and a lot on metal but for the past 20 years also acrylics. My work images my best thoughts, ie painting! Most of my paintings are dimensional so change according to where you stand also how they are lit.

Most major work of art commissioned in 1977 by the Halifax Building Society, Sevenoaks, Kent, England,

a Mural, 2.5 x 2.0 metres

Some venues of exhibitions include:

1965 The Fish Cellar, Hythe, Kent

1971 Studio Red Rose, Golders Green, London

1972 The Euston Gallery, Euston, London

1973 Cross Street Gallery, Islington, London

1993 The Art Studio, Bodmin, Cornwall

2001/2002 decembre/janvier Syndicate d’initiative, La Mothe St Heray, Deux-Sevres

2002 mars/avril La Cappadoce, Niort, Deux-Sevres

2002 avril L’Office de Tourisme, Melle, Deux-Sevres

2002 août/septembre L’Office de Tourism, Civray, Vienne

2003 avril Le Temple, Chauray, Deux-Sevres

2003 avril Singuliere-Pluriel, Melle , Deux-Sevres

2003 août-december Maison des Artistes de Brux, Vienne

2004 janvier-mars Maison des Artistes de Brux, Vienne

2005 mai Château de Javarzay, Chef-Boutonne, Deux-Sevres

2005 octobre/novembre Maison des Artistes de Brux, Vienne

Since then I have only painted commissioned works.