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Silk Afgan Rug 3.4 x 2.5m £1000

Hand made silk afgan rug/carpet

3.4x2.5m and about 6mm thick

Perfectly cleaned last week.

This is a beautiful hand made lightly used carpet bought

over 50 years ago. The oriental patterns in the carpet consist partly of medallions also with the typical garden motif. The rug is extremely high quality and thanks to the choice of silk, is thin and light, with a beautiful shimmering lustre. Using silk also makes detailed patterns possible and the precision in the work behind the carpet is impressive. These beautiful Afganistan rugs would give any room a lift and you're getting a lot of carpet for your money.

Please note in the last photo along the edge you can see the only sign of wear, it’s just a 30 cm area hardly noticable at all.


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