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Many people are surprised to learn that Orient, a brand that specializes in classic, affordable timepieces, produces its own movements. But it’s not all that surprising when you think about it.

In fact, a couple years ago, the School of Horology compared Orient’s popular Calibre 46943 movement to the comparable ETA movement, 2892-2.

Omega Watch featuring an ETA 2892 Mechanical Movement vs. Orient’s 46943 Mechanical Movement

The School found that the Orient requires less movement than the ETA to produce a winding motion. This efficiency is also, in part, due to Orient’s more straightforward design. It’s less frilly, focusing primarily on functionality. The School also found that Orient’s use of fewer parts overall resulted in a higher conversion of kinetic energy than the ETA movement.

That’s pretty impressive, but it should be noted that both ETA and Orient produce a variety of mechanical movements, some more expensive and of higher complexity than others. Yet some things remain consistent:

All Orient movements are produced in-house

All Orient movements are built by hand

All Orient movements are used in Orient watches only

All Orient movements are high-efficiency