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Miyota 9015

Miyota 9015 is incredibly underrated as a movement, it's as accurate and stable as any ETA equivalent.

Japanese built, Miyota automatic caliber 9015. It’s a movement that was introduced in 2009 and is meant to directly compete with the ETA 2892. If you follow brands like Lum-Tec, Benarus, and Halios you’re likely familiar with the 9015, as it’s becoming increasingly popular with boutique brands who can no longer get their hands on Swiss movements.

The Miyota 9015 has quickly built a solid reputation for itself in the sub $1,000 watch game. It’s a 24-jewel automatic with a 42-hour power reserve, hacking, and date, all beating away at 28,800 bhp. While it’s handsome enough with some minimal decorating, the large blank rotor lacks refinement and covers generous portions of the movement. While it's not the sexiest of calibres in existence, you are getting solid quality, accurate timekeeping with at least something to look at around back.

We experienced accuracy of +/- 10 seconds a day with all three models. Winding is smooth, though the top half of the case prevents a normal riding motion with your fingers. The date has a quick-set feature, so getting up to speed after a few days off the wrist is a simple affair.

It has both automatic and manual winding,,display by means of hands, hour, minute, second, date calendar, stop second device (hacked), also a shock-absorber for balance staff.

Automatic winding direction clockwise. Winding the mainspring, adjusting the hands and date is done by the below procedure.

Wind 15 to 20 times clockwise until second hand starts to move naturally.

Adjust the date by rotating the crown out to 1st position.

Please note. If the date is adjusted between the hours of around 8.30pm and 2.00am the date may not change  on the following day.

Adjust the time with crown out to 2nd position and adjust the standard time.

Check if it is morning or afternoon and adjust correctly.