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Stunning Rolex Huge Precision Wristwatch

Completely Hand Made

Case Size: 48 mm (without crown) x 12mm thick, very thin

Case : New stainless steel

Face : Silver

Number of Jewels: 15

Movement: Mechanical (Hand-winding) 100% original, engraved by watchmaker

Country/Region of Manufacture: Switzerland

Year of Manufacture: 1900’s

Style: Antique, Dress/Formal, Vintage

Band: Black Leather

Dial Style: 12-Hour Dial, Arabic Numerals. Hand engraved, an absolute work of art

Display: Analog

Lug Width: 22 mm

Features: Rolex Precision 12-Hour Dial, deco

Movement: Rolex 15 jewels,  manual  winding.

​A brand new Rolex watch in the high street jeweller’s window will cost five or six times of an vintage antique watch but will lose value as soon as it leaves the showroom in the hands of its purchaser. In contrast, vintage Rolex models like this one are so well established as collectibles that it seems inconceivable that they could ever depreciate in the future. It is perfectly realistic to think that this item could be bought at full market value today, worn for a decade and then sold for a considerable profit. Genuinely well preserved antique Rolex watches are not cheap initially, but over a longer time period have proven themselves to be superb vehicles for capital appreciation.

​This is a simply beautiful yet rare Rolex movement, dating from the 1900’s . It is in excellent condition for a watch dating back to that era.